I am a die hard manual transmission fan, most of the vehicles I've owned have had three pedals and those that didn't were often not available with a manual trans anyways.

That said I realize that something better may be out there, and am wondering what Oppo's opinions on the various flappy paddle gear boxes are?

I've driven a 996 PDK car, though it was several years ago, I mostly remember a poor interface but lightening fast gear changes. Also driven an A3 TDI which also had very fast gear changes. Cars like the Mitsu RalliArt seem interesting because you have the choice of using the paddles or a properly aligned (forward for down, backward for up) gear lever as well.

In my opinion a proper flappy paddle steering wheel should have upshifts on the right (pulling towards you) and downshifts on the left (pulling towards you). What non-exotic cars have this?

On a more subjective matter, does not having a clutch/gear shifter take away from the driving experience? Does having a computer rev-match remove you from the more visceral nature of driving?