In a previous post, I said I would review a unique object I had never seen before. Well, here it is:

A fifteen foot inflatable toilet Oppositelock review:

Warning: Mild politics

Full Disclosure: As part of whatever PETA regularly does, they brought a 15 foot inflatable toilet to Canada's parliament to protest the seal hunt. Although I do condone peaceful protest, I do not support PETA in any of their endeavours in any way shape or form. I support the right of Canada's Northerners to feed and clothe their families…and support Canada's ethical, responsible and environmentally sound seal hunt.

HOWEVER….when you learn there is going to be a 15 foot inflatable toilet….well, you're going to check it out no matter whose protest it is a part of.

Appearance: 10/10

Canada's parliament buildings are nice and majestic…even with a 15 foot toilet out front. Toilet was also rotated for maximum visibility with said backdrop.


Embiggening of said toilet (Acceleration?): 10/10

I heard on da newswires that the toilet was supposed to be there around noon. When I showed up around 6 past noon, the toilet was already inflated to full strength so clearly it was not that difficult to inflate using the generator.


Exterior : 8/10

The toilet was pretty accurate, I would say. Anyone could recognize that distinctive shape of said toilet. However I doubt that this toilet is very good at functioning like a toilet…so there's that. Also it had no inflatable flush handle. Last year one group had a 25 foot inflatable senator…how is the senator gonna use the toilet if he can't flush it…huh?


The embedded wall plumbing is also a negative.

Handling: 2/10

If you caught a good gust of wind, you'd probably get pretty far in this inflatable toilet…If you were in the bowl area…well that'd be quite a ride. The stronger the wind...the more hooning can be done.


However what the toilet has in straight line speed it loses in handling. Think of the worse handling muscle subtract your steering wheel and have the throttle controlled at random by forces outside your control. That's what it's like to try and drive a 15 ft inflatable toilet.

Braking: -3/10

Braking includes slamming into such hard objects as trucks, buildings and pavements.


Value for Money: 4/10

I asked one of the protestors about how much said toilet cost. He got really defensive and kept asking me what my agenda was. Eventually he said it cost about $400 to manufacture and about $300 to ship over from China. In my opinion…well that's sort of a waste of money…the protest didn't look well attended.

Although the toilet was pretty impressive, it's not near big enough to change my opinion about the seal hunt. I'd need a 50 foot toilet…at least.


Resale Value of toilet 3/10

Since I think the letter's spelling out "Seal Slaughter flu$he$ Million$ in Taxe$", were printed on the toilet lid…well the reusability of such a message is a bit limited. Once you've got the word "seal" printed on there, you pretty much just got to stick to seal hunting. Or apex seals on rotary engines. Wait…maybe PETA was talking about hunting for apex seals. Rotaries do slaughter their apex seals that's for sure.