After a couple of track days it became clear that one of the weaknesses of my car that needed addressing was cooling. Both the water and oil get to levels that I consider an issue towards the end of a 20 minute session. Making matters worse because it is a WRX I have of course made matters worse by adding more power since then through various modifications meaning that issue is only going to get worse.

Fixing the water is easy at least 4 reputable companies make options for upgraded radiators that have been shown to be effective. Oil on the other hand is a bit of a different story. A couple companies do make off the shelf kits, but the both have issues. One is from a company that doesn’t have the best quality reputation and blowing off an oil line would be catastrophic, the other a bit of reading will show that the core they are using is undersized for sustained use on a track.

So since I’m a mechanical engineer who enjoys a project I set about specing out a custom set up. After mulling it around for weeks I finally pulled the trigger on some parts and they all (mostly) arrived this week!

Some brackets with vibration isolation that I hope are actually useful
The core, plate and most of the plumbing


Quick test fit, Holy crap -10 lines are huge!
Beneath the core is the Cardboard Aided Design template I used to make sure the core would fit months ago.


One of my fittings was back ordered, but I definitely have enough to pull the bumper and figure out exactly how I’m going to mount this thing hopefully this weekend.