150 Feet

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That’s how far I made it with my clean car - that I washed yesterday - before encountering road salt. There was a hint of a dusting of snow last night as you can see on the car. It’s going to be 38 today, it would melt. But NOOOO they had to dump salt all over the roads because won’t someone think of the children? The forecast is for 5-6 days of no precipitation and temps generally below freezing. I thought “great I’ll have at least a week of the car not being salty!” Wrong. I made it only to the end of my driveway. Maybe I can hose it off again later tonight because the roads will undoubtedly be dry by noon. It’s just not as easy running the hose out of the basement, then trying to coil it up when it’s cold and stiff, all for 3 minutes of spraying.


Happy Monday! 

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