It lives! Or more accurately, it tows! It has been a while since my last update as I’ve been going 100% on a few projects that needed to be done for this weekend, so the trailer progress was slowed a lot.

As of the last update I needed to run the wiring and install lights. I finally took care of that , with my awesome partner taking on the job of crawling under the trailer and fishing the wiring.


The lights are the ones that came with the trailer, I installed them sideways and tinted the license plate light portions red to give the trailer better side visibility. They are surprisingly bright for ancient lights with cheap bulbs, but I will probably paint the inside of the housings silver and get some red LED bulbs to make them really bright.


I found out the links for the tow chains won’t fit on the loops of the truck’s Curt bumper, so I’ve already upgraded them to larger snap-hooks rated for 2600lbs each.

Prior cost: $368

upgraded chain hooks: $6

electrical connectors, heat shrink, etc. $0(already had)

nuts & bolts to mount lamps: $3

Total: $377