All is well that ends well. The driver arrived around 8:30 last night, we got it off the truck and I went for a spin around the neighborhood with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. I stopped back at the house, paid the driver, and my wife came out and hopped in the passenger seat. It is an analog masterpiece!

Things of note:

It’s easier to drive than I expected

It is low like I may need to make some modifications to the entrance of my driveway low.


The seats are great

It wreaks like gas when you have the heat on, I’m thinking just a tad more than a 44 year old car should.

Things that will need to be addressed quickly:

The seat belts - I’m pretty sure it won’t pass PA inspection with 4 point harnesses


Passenger side mirror - it does not exist, nor did it ever. There isn’t even a place for it. This is likely another inspection issue. Mirrors are not cheap and I’ll have to drill into the door to mount it. I’m thinking about getting a suction cup mirror and slapping it on just to pass inspection.

Battery - The seller said that it’s brand new, but I have had to jump the car every time I want to start it. Maybe it just needs a full charge but I’m thinking it will need to be replaced.


The ignition cylinder - it’s loose enough that I have to hold the back of it when starting the car. Honestly the whole center console is pretty janky. Automotive electrical systems are my specialty when it comes to wrenching so this will be an easy fix.

My first big project will be to refinish the console and replace the felt covered metal panels with a nice wood panel similar to what I’ve done with the console in the ranger.


I only had time to snap one crappy picture on my way out the door this morning, but my wife and child are away this weekend so I will have plenty of time to clean and tinker!

I’m overjoyed to have the car, and relieved that the situation is over. After I click post I’m calling the tag place to check on the status of the US title and license plate.


Happy Friday!

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