For anyone looking to catch up on the saga:

High Bidder

Decision Made

Update 1

So today, it’s really real. When I sold my S3, I planned to hang on to that money for the next car. You all know how that goes... The good news is that were doing a home renovation that includes a garage! The bad news is that I don’t have enough to buy the 1502 outright.

I kicked around the idea of financing though a bank that finances classic cars, but the terms were all too long and rates too high. Also, most of these companies need the car on US soil before they will cut a check. So I took out a personal loan from my bank.

The only time I have ever had to wait more than a few hours for approval for any loan was when we bought our first house. So I figured I’d get the loan and have them wire the funds in a matter of minutes. Wrong! They wanted a bunch of info that they asked for sporadically over the past week, and didn’t tell me that I was approved until today! Being an anxious person I began to think the worst. I even had a nightmare about it last night.


“Mr. Tripper, this is your bank calling. We’re calling to let you know that your loan has been denied and put into a death grinder (actual words used by my sleeping brain) and that we have also entered your information into a database of all financial institutions worldwide so that you can never try to re-apply!”

Anyway, it’s all good. The bank said that they have to do extra homework to approve unsecured loans. Whatever, just lemme get this car!


Side note - The people at the bank think I’m nuts (not incorrect). The guy I have been working with says, “Mr. Tripper, I’m a little nervous for you...” I said “I know that it’s hard to understand but cars are my passion.” I brought up a picture of the car on my phone and turned it around for him to see. His eyes widened and he took the phone and said, “can I” to which I said, “swipe away!” He says, “Jesus man, I can see why you want that, that is a super cool car!”

So all that is done, next step is to coordinate with the shipping company. They have been awesome, very responsive to emails. They call when they need to really good experience so far.


I figured I might as well call my insurance company as I would like it insured from the moment it rolls off the boat/the moment the insurance from the shipping company ends.

Turns out it’s really easy. I thought that I might have to have it appraised, but they just want to know what I would list it for if I was to sell it state side and will insure it for that amount.


The only bummer thus far is that I don’t think that there is a way for me to get a temporary tag, so it will still be a few weeks, maybe a month before I can drive it after it gets here. Small potatoes, it probably wont be great driving weather anyway. This also means that I’ll have to rent a covered trailer and go get it... I’m a little nervous about that but I may have to do it.

More to come, and happy Wednesday!