1502 Update - Next Stop USA!

It was my company’s holiday party last night. Everyone was asking about the car and more specifically where it is. By the time the third person asked I said, “lemme check, I haven’t looked in a few hours.” I was fully expecting it to still be in Southampton, but to my surprise it was on the move. Then I saw the destination update email come in annnnnnnnnd.....Baltimore!

A long journey

Here is a quick recap if you’re interested:

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

It’s now scheduled to arrive on 12/22 which is a Saturday. I’m still not sure if weekend pickups are a thing. Hopefully I will hear back from the importer as we move closer to the 22nd.


I asked the seller about the 1502 badge that he said he would include. He didn’t, haha. So I bought one that needs work on eBay for $40. Any tips on restoring an old badge?

I also scooped up a mint 1502 owners manual in English! I don’t know why I bothered there is very little that has remained stock, but it’s a cool accompaniment to the rest of the car, and it’s green!


Once the car is home and has a plate on it, I’m planning to write “A Complete Idiot’s Opponaut’s guide to buying and importing a car”

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