This will probably come as no surprise to The Actual RootWyrm, but it has been just a fucking shit mess since the car arrived at port in Baltimore on 12/26.

Communication hasn’t been great throughout the process but the worst has come from the US importer (broker). Here is a “quick” summary:

-Car arrives in Baltimore on 12/26 and the ship heads to Jacksonville, I know this because I have watched the ships every little move since it left port in Amsterdam.


-12/27 I post this on Oppo, then decide to email the broker to see when I might be able to expect delivery and if there will be any delays due to the government shutdown.

Minutes later I get a response saying “Car is all set and on the way to you already. Driver will be in contact”

A few more minutes later I get another email “Sorry, just called the trucker and he cancelled on me. will get another one going for you ASAP> Can be delivered today or tomorrow.”

12/28 I send another email asking if he was able to secure transport, no response. I wait a few hours and call him. He’s out of the office dealing with a family emergency and wont be able to get to it until the following Wednesday. Rough, but ok family is family.


1/2 Still no word from the import guy. So I send another email, no response. Again I call. He answers and says something to the effect of “yea I dispatched it on Friday, the driver said something about having trouble picking it up. I will have him call you directly”. Then he sends me an email with the driver’s number.

I immediately call the driver, and he said yea I’m at the lot and they only have a record of 3 BMW 1502's two are in California, and one is in Oregon. I PANIC internally. The driver says “this was an auction right”. I’m like “yea...well kinda it was an online auction, but I didn’t “win” I had to make a side deal with the seller.”


Him: “oh ok well I need the sellers info then...?”

Me: “ok but I don’t know if that will help you he lives in Amsterdam”

Him “oh damn...yea uhh well I’m at this auction yard and they said the car would be here.”


Me: “hold up, auction yard? This car came overseas on a boat, I’m pretty sure it’s at the port.

Him: “OOOOOOOh its at the port? That’s all I need thanks bye”

This morning I get out of a meeting around 10am and have not heard anything, so I gave the driver a call just to see if he has everything he needs:

Him “Yo man I’ve been here for two hours, what’s going on?! I need a delivery order/dock receipt they’re charging me $50/hour to be here!”


Me: Whoa, the broker has that. I will send you everything I have and contact the broker.

Both myself and the driver are trying to get in touch with the broker (it’s 7:30am ish on the west cost at this point)


He finally responds to the driver with an email with the wrong document!

I send him another text and tell him that the document he sent is wrong and the driver is going to leave if we don’t get it in the next few minutes.


A half dozen more calls and a few texts later the driver gets the document that he needs but then finds out that hes in the wrong location again!

At this point he’s ready to bail because he’s had to pay $200 in fees to the port and wasted most of his day. He asked the broker about covering the fees and said that the broker acted like he didn’t even ask the question, he just stayed silent on the phone.


So I told him that I would pay for whatever fees he had to pay as long as he can provide receipts, then I will go back to the broker to try and get some money back. I’m offering this knowing for certain that I definitely wont get money back from the broker. I don’t care at this point, I just need the car and need this whole thing to be over with. It has been on my mind for too long.

The driver agrees, apologizes, and thanks me. I thank him for sticking it out all day. It’s lunch time at the port and for the driver, so we end the call hoping that the car actually exists, is where we think it is, and that the driver has everything he needs to get it. Both of us are equally uncertain of all of that.


A few hours go by and I think “FUCK, what if this thing does not start, or he doesn’t know how to start it.” So I send him a quick message saying “if you do actually find the’s how to start it in case you have trouble.”

He says “I’ve already got it started. I was born and raised in Portugal and have been around 2002's my whole life. I’ve seen a lot of their ignitions converted over like this. Then he sends me two quick videos of him driving it around the lot saying that its stalling a little at idle, but it’s beautiful and is running well otherwise. The second video he said that it was low on gas which is why it was stalling, he added a few gallons and had it idling with no problem!


He said that he might have to pick up another car, but he was trying to get this all done tonight, at the latest tomorrow morning!

So I’m still not counting any chickens (except the 3 in my back yard) until it’s actually in my driveway. At the very least it’s in the possession of someone I trust a lot more than the broker I hired and then did 60% of their job.


Obviously I will update Oppo very soon!

Happy New Year!

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