I bought a car.

My first.

It may not have been the smartest choice, but I have faith in that car.

The ad was blank. Just some pictures of the car outside a barn, dirty and hood up.

The car's exterior caught my eye. It was not completely stock it had a nice, not too fancy body kit (not F&F style).

It looked nice.

We called the guy, an elderly man, around 60-70, he said the car was his son's but he doesn't care about it, and his grandchildren are fighting over it.


It has been sitting in a haybarn for 16 (!) years.

Last time on the road? 1998.

last inspection? 1997.

The car was put away because at the time, the son bought this car, complete with this kit, but he had to leave for the military and needed cheaper transport. Did not want to sell the car because he just bought it.


When we came to his house, in a really small town, he said '' go around the block, then you'll see.''

When we came around the corner, a big nose was sticking out of a tiny garage, and a good sound came out of it too.

He got it running for us, a new petrol pump (?) and a battery from his Dodge and the car started right up.


The car itself has only one small rust spot, on the door.

Interior has seen better days.

the car has one dent, a haybale fell on it.

We registered the car, payed the man and got dealer plates, so we could drive it to inspection.


It is there now, we will hear from the inspector on monday...

Japanese coupe from the 80's