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Most Ridiculous Car

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Cars can be transportation, projects, members of the family, pains in the ass, best friends, houses, entertainment centers, the list goes on and on. While most people see cars as mere tools to get from A to B, we at Oppo see cars for more than the sum of their parts. But some cars are simply ridiculous.


Take the Bugatti Veyron. 16 cylinders is 2X more than a lot of cylinders. 4 turbochargers are insane, and the performance figures of the car are terrifying and sadly pointless. The slowest Veyron does 253mph. The SLOWEST. A few weeks back I asked what was the fastest you've ever been. Most people were around 100mph. Only one person had broke the 200mph barrier and they were on a closed course.

A Veyron is a technical stroke of brilliance with an encyclopedias worth of useless information to bore your friends with. It's a wonderful, ridiculous automobile that cannot be driven as it was designed to be.


Ridiculousness does not limit itself to the technology or achievements of the car. Some cars have ridiculous styling or interiors or they can be ridiculous for very negative reasons as well! What is the most ridiculous car you can think of? Let me know in the comments.

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