I love Craigslist. I mean who doesn't? It's the best place online to find free grammar lessons. It also happens to be the premier marketplace for cheap, older, garage mechanic wrecked, duct tape racing stripped vehicles. But there is one reason I truly dislike Craigslist; and this is it:

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No, this is not some ancient ritual to bring Miles Davis back, nor is it the latest PC virus coding. This, is the seemingly infinite gibberish dealers use at the bottom of their Craigslist posting to encompass nearly any search terms to display their listing for a 300,000 mi 1988 Toyota Camry for the low low payment of just $199 / mo for the next 84 months.

This becomes quite annoying when you're looking for something specific, say like, a Miata:


You see, the problem is, instead of having to search for a Miata through a mess of both private and dealer listings, all the search feature is doing is removing private listings that don't say "Miata", leaving you to search through a sea of squares, triangles, arrows, and asterisks.

I suggest Craigslist just change this to a 'randomize' button. You enter in a price range, press the 'randomize' button, and a full page of listings that are no longer active and include items that are valued exactly, no where between the to price points you set.

Anyone have any better suggestions?