To the Williams strategists who called for that team order

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Do you want an emotionally unstable Massa? Because that's how you get an emotionally unstable Massa.


From the radio "I am no longer a serverent". Yeah Massa ended up holding off Bottas (which helped my Castrol team greatly!), so nice job guys.

Edit: F1 Fanatic commenter Ryan pretty much summed up my feelings on the team orders:

"This is not a simple debate about disobeying team orders. Had the first message been "Bottas has newer tyres, let him through", I don't think we would even be having this debate. But the engineer said "Bottas is faster than you".


Knowing the history, and trying to make a joke of one of the main reasons Massa decided to leave Ferrari, is naive at best and simply stupid at worst. The reason people feel the need to defend Massa, is because that message was incredibly disrespectful. Your team should be there to support you, not publicly make a mockery of you.

Telling a competitive driver that their team-mate is faster than him without justification is like saying "you cant drive as fast / you're not as good as your team-mate". Any driver worth his salt will see that as a challenge and attempt to prove himself. This is psychology 101. Of course he wasn't going to let him through after that.


Massa didn't cost Williams points today, that engineer did. If I ran that team all blame would be placed publicly on his (the engineer's) shoulders, so he could know what it's like to be made a mockery of publicly."

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