Formula Oppo: The BAPCO Grand Prix of Agrabah

Now playing on computer monitors worldwide, Formula Oppo: The BAPCO Grand Prix of Agrabah! This is the third round of the fantasy F1 competition.


Last week's results can be found here.

This week's race will take place on one the most boring the world, but it is also the most hotly protested sporting events ever, so that could always add some excitement. However, with the cars reliability still in question and some of the most talented rookies racing with a very strong field of veterans, former champs, and Krasy Kamui Kobayashi the extra excitement shouldn't be needed.

Once again, the drivers list as follows:

Sebastian Vettel- Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo- Red Bull

Max Chilton- Marussia

Jules Bianchi- Marussia

Nico Rosberg- Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton- Mercedes

Kimi Räikkönen- Ferrari

Fernando Alonso- Ferrari

Romain Grosjean- Lotus

Pastor Maldonado- Lotus

Marcus Ericsson- Caterham

Kamui Kobayashi- Caterham

Sergio Perez- Force India

Nico Hulkenberg- Force India

Felipe Massa- Williams

Valtteri Bottas- Williams

Kevin Magnussen- McLaren

Jenson Button- McLaren

Esteban Gutierrez- Sauber

Adrian Sutil- Sauber

Jean-Eric Vergne- Toro Rosso

Daniil Kvyat- Toro Rosso


So, who will beat the heat and win the race and who will have to beat their meat after their cars break?

My picks are as follows:

1- Kimi Räikkönen

2- Nico Rosberg

3- Jenson Button

Q- Lewis Hamilton

No Curse of Alibaba for this race.

Once again, you have until Q1 (11:00 AM EST Saturday April 5th) to make thine pick known.


Good luck!

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