A car enthusiast is a car enthusiast no matter what they drive

I'm going to start this off with a little background here. I used to drive a S197 Roush Mustang until I wrecked it a few months ago. That was a very sad day indeed because that car was like my child and it put a lot of money and time into that car. Most people who knew me knew my by the blue Roush and thats still true even to this day at times. Those days have since ended when I ran out of talent and hit a wall in the car a few months ago.


Ever since this happened I have caught a lot of flack from some of my friends for buying a Jetta TDI. I really didn't have much of an option though as a college student commuting 70 miles round trip every day. I'm not saying I don't miss the mustang because thats not true, I really do miss the car but I just can't hang onto it forever. What I'm trying to get at though is that a car guy is a car guy to the end no matter what they drive.

I'm still just as much of a car enthusiast as I was before even though I drive a Jetta now. If anything it has opened my eyes to a new side of the car world I didn't realize existed. There really is an enthusiast out there for every kind of car there is. Its all about the passion for car and the enjoyment of driving. It shouldn't matter what you drive because things change in life where you can't always drive the car of your dreams. Sometimes real life has to take priority to the impractical machine you want to drive. In the end we are all a car enthusiast, we all love driving and love cars so keep on keepin' on and keep the hobby alive no matter the circumstances.

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