If Lexus wants to secure its place in the tier 1 luxury automakers club, this suburban poser needs to face the chopping block, the Toyota Avalon can fill its segment.

Seriously, Lexus did some nice cars lately, the RC is up there with the Germans and leaves the current Q60 in the dust. The NX has even more road presence than the Range Rover Evoque, let alone the Germans, The GS chassis is so good, that only the all new CTS is better, in that class(according to MotorTrend). The IS is based on the same chassis and it beautifully combines comfort and driver engagement.

The RX is a suburbia legend and can be an option for some of those ES buyers, and the big Lexus SUV's are just as capable and even more luxurious than the unbreakable Toyota Land Cruisers, they are based on.

The CT is already a nice little car, that only needs more power.


With the ES gone, Lexus can focus on offering more trims and engines on the remaining cars, and it can also focus on the models it has in the pipeline, cars like a new SC, a groundbreaking new LS a la BMW Vision Future Luxury concept and rivals for the CLS and X6/X4.