So Mercedes-Benz invited my magazine and I to an event to drive a range of their cars. I was welcomed by several Mercedes-Benz products from the G350 to the SLS AMG GT. Immediately I grabbed the keys to the rarest car they had on offer, the C63 AMG Edition 507, but not just any old 507, but the wagon.

As hard as it is to believe, I hadn't really ever hooned a car properly, most probably because I had never had the opportunity to do it and even if I did, I'd cry about the cost of tyres.

Whilst driving the 507, it was fast and just generally awesome to drive, but it wasn't the most powerful press car I had driven, so I got a little bored after a while (a long while). I pulled up at a deserted parking lot with 1 or 2 people feeding some ducks and decided to lighten up their moods a bit.

I turned the nanny systems off, shifted it into drive, floored the throttle and held onto the brake and voila, rear tyres started to light up, no drama!