Can I ask a serious question: Why do Manufactures support a full factory race team, or at the very least partially sponsor a race team for events like DAKAR, and WRC and then COMPLETELY fail to use those events for marketing their wares?

MINI competes in WRC and has a full works team for the DAKAR...and wins, but do you even remotely associate mini with WRC or Dakar? do they mention it at all? can you buy even a sticker package in the vast library of crappy cosmetic add ons that even references it (aside from generic checker wrap)? What a waste of good press.

Lexus, same goes for you, you had a great team effort at the DAKAR and BAJA 1000 and you don't even casually mention it, anywhere...for any reason. I get that you may want to use it as a test bed for technologies and durability, but 'cmon! get some marketing from it!