So, you may have heard that I'm looking for a first car, and that I post on here a lot asking about specific cars and talking about cars I'm looking at. Well, folks, a new candidate has come out of left field, and not only that, it is currently the most likely to become my first ride. It is currently my dad's best friend's car, and he's likely selling/giving it to me. And it is wickedly cool. But i'm not gonna tell you what it is. Oh no, that would be no fun. I'll give you clues, and let's see if Oppo can figure it out.

1. It is silver.

2. It is AWD

3. It is quick, but not fast.

4. It is a horrible, horrible choice for a first car.

5. There are those on here who consider it one of the coolest recent cars ever.

6. I get the impression that someone on here owns one?

So, guy, whaddaya think this awesome machine is?

I hope I'm not over-hyping this.

(It isn't a Buick Electra, that is a courtesy)