Tomorrow I shall drive the largest vehicle I have ever driven. It will be a stick shift that I'm not used too, and it will be windy, and the vehicle itself will probably be empty. Any tips? If you'd like to know the vehicle in question, it's big, and brown, and If'n all works out, I'll soon have a full time job of driving one around all day 5 days a week. I'm hoping my experience with the Beetle's transmission and how much of a pain in the arse it is, and how much of a pain the Beetle is in wind will help. My Z has shorter shifts then the both by a fair bit, lol. Any who, any tips? :) Have a crazy high power super charged 350Z for reading :) (how much power, I don't know, according to the Speedhunters article this came from, the motor is built to be able to hold up to 1000 hp safely)