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F1 Megaphone Exhaust -- and somehow a story about pants.

At least three videos of Mercedes testing out the megaphone exhaust have recently popped up on the 'tube. What are y'all's impressions?

I'm happy the way things are at the moment, honestly. The sound from the 12,10, and 8 was awesome, for sure, but it was just a part of the experience during that time and not something that I ever considered essential to the sport. I thought of it as putting on a pair of pants and finding a 20 in the pocket, "hey, great, an added bonus to this already being an awesome pants choice!" That doesn't mean I'm going to be disappointed with my future pants when all they have is lint in their pocket; they'll still be a perfectly wonderful pair of pants. I'm certainly not going to go around thinking of ways I could ensure that all my pants' pockets had forgotten money in them to be found at a later date. Just my two cents, though.

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