We've all got em. Just today, I ran into one of my biggest pet peeves while driving home after watching America lose to those waffle makers we call Belgians. It got me thinking, Let me rant.. er.. make a list on Oppo about my 5 biggest driving pet peeves.

5. People Who Don't Understand The Zipper Merge Method

We've all been there. You're stuck in traffic on the freeway and someone comes creeping up wanting to merge. "Not a problem good sir/ Ma'am, I shall let you merge" I think. And then out of the blue someone decides to ride their tail into the lane causing you to slam on your breaks. At this point I put my hands up and yell "ZIPPER METHOD! ZIPPER METHOD!". What's the zipper method? for those of you who don't know, the zipper method is when one person is allowed by the driver who is currently on the road to merge in front of them, If someone is behind say merger, they wait until the driver allowing the current merger to pass and then merges behind them ]. Zipper method.

4. This


3. When People In a Turning Lane Turn Directly Into The Lane You're In

I've actually written about this before.

Read it here :


Anyways, when you're driving along minding your own business, singing along to

Iggy Azalea's, "Fancy" and suddenly someone thinks it's a good idea to make a left turn from an intersection into your lane causing you to once again, slam on your breaks because you want to prevent your bumper from scratching up that nice paint job on the 98 Ford Taurus thad decided to interrupt your private karaoke time. At this point you throw up your hands and yell, "There's 2 other freaking lanes open!".

2. People Going 20 Miles Under The Speed Limit On A Two Lane Road


I drive down a two lane back road to get to work every morning. I could go the way most others do but I tend to hit every red light, and the back road is faster. Most of the time. Occasionally I'll get stuck behind what is usually a Toyota Sienna or some vehicle of that caliber going the speed of a sloth. I've entertained the thought of passing them but alas, tis a no passing lane. I would say "Screw it" but there also tends to be a cop hiding in the bushes every time I think about it. No joke. At this point, I throw up my hands and yell, "You're going under the freaking speed limit!" while riding their bumper.

1. People Slowing Down On The Freeway To Look At A Stalled Car Or Wreck


And here we are, number one on my list, and the event I witnessed on my way home today. A tanker truck was on the side of the road with its hazards on and everyone was stopping to look at it. As soon as the cars passed, traffic was back to a good 70 mph! What even? Look a stalled car on the side of the road shouldn't cause me to be late for work, or to miss dinner. I don't seem to understand the logic of how a car on the side of the road, clearly stalled can hold up an entire flow of traffic. If someone is in need, sure I'm all for being a good samaritan. If it's a wreck and everyone is fine, move along!

So, what are your biggest pet peeves of the road?

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