We’ve had the 14 and 15. What’s up next? Yes, this is. Pictures by your correspondent in 2015 at Rétromobile.


The 16 was Renault’s biggest car from 1965 to 1980 and was available with all manner of posh fitments - central locking, power windows, one of those posh automatic gearboxes, a rear wiper before there were rear wipers and even air conditioning. Fancy indeed.

It was one of the earlier hatchbacks and some were uncertain as to how to describe it. But they weren’t all hatchbacks. One, the third picture, was a coupé concept. It was never proceeded with as it wasn’t judged economically viable.

The 16 was a big car for its day, but when I came across one a couple of years ago I was surprised by how small, narrow and utterly ancient it looked. Different times.

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