Are F-Types no longer cool? This thing has 452 miles on it and is nearly $17k off MSRP. Not even sure that’s enough miles for someone to fart on the seat.

An S model with unknown mileage for $41k?


And my ideal version: A 2015 R Coupe (only year of RWD R models in the US) with just 1,887 miles for $78988. That’s $20k off MRSP for less than 2k miles. That’s like... $10/mile of depreciation. What the what?!

How I want to feel:


How my heart feels:


How my brain feels:


How the F-Type Feels:

You’re a bad girl.
Good girl.
Dat ass tho.
Yeahhhhhh bad girl.
Okay okay, I’ll make my own dinner. Just don’t hurt me.

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