Lately, many of us like-minded enthusiasts have been browsing ebay and the like for used Porsches, whether or not we have any intention or ability to buy them. I have a theory on why that is, but that's a story for a different post.

I had to share today's find with you because it boggles my mind (which is currently in quite the flu-induced fog, anyhow).

A few minutes ago, I looked up 911s on ebay, and found "674 for sale: $100-$16,000,000"

Sixteen. Million. Dollars.


This is the $16 mil. listing. Apparently, the seller claims it to be some sort of prototype, but exactly what it is, I'm not sure. The description reads more like some sort of whacko conspiracy theory than a car ad, filled with strange photos of what appear to me as noting of significance.


Fortunately(?) the seller provided a website, . After briefly browsing the site, it's not much clearer to me what is so special about this particular rusty, dusty, unloved 911. I think it's supposed to be an original 901, but as I said, I'm not thinking too clearly today.

Anyway, just wanted to share this with my fellow weirdos.

EDIT: I now see the same ad's been floating around for years now, discussed on Pelican Parts' forums & VW Vortex, if not elsewhere. Whatever. Happy bidding!