16 thoughts on my ride tonight.

1: I REALLY need to RainX my visor. Or get a new helmet that doesn’t fog up as bad in rain.

2: Nothing is as puckering as a sign that says “Pavement Ends” when you’re doing 50mph at night on a perfectly smooth backroad. “ENDS IN WHAT!?!?” was the thought that flashed through my brain as I braked and downshifted into 3rd or 2nd.

3: So glad I have a small amount of dirt/unimproved road riding with the Katana.

4: REALLY GLAD for the brand new tires.

5: Real men CAN drink Pinot Grigio.

6: If you’re thinking that light sprinkle of rain won’t turn into anything, and you don’t need to zip up the vents in your jacket, you are probably about to be proven wrong.

7: Then again, zipping up the vents probably won’t make a difference when water is running down your back.

8: A downpour helps take your mind off the “PAVEMENT ENDS” section of road you have to ride back through. It doesn’t put it in a better place, but at least you now have an entirely new challenge, and hey, that’s why I got into riding, right?

9: Going through large puddles that swamp your riding shoes is a very, very, very strange feeling. It feels like kicking a puddle floating in air that’s the size of a medium dog. I have never, and would never ever kick a pup but that’s just kind of how my mind registered it.

10: I really hope this downpour keeps the deer away.

11: Fuck it, riding with the high beams on. Sorry oncoming cars (not many).

12: Now I know why people add aux lights to bikes.

13: Slow (~40mph) riding in a downpour is drastically different and MUCH more soaking than those handful of times you rode through a passing shower on the highway doing 80mph.

14: JESUS FUCK does cotton weigh a lot when it’s wet.

15: Grooved highway pavement didn’t bother me before, and it sure as hell isn’t going to bother me now because I’m waaaay to focused trying to see the remnants of dotted lines and oh yeah, those guardrail things. Why did I put off using RainX?!?!!?

16: I still wouldn’t trade this for anything, and I’m still glad I went out tonight.


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