Boss 302, probably my favorite car there; mostly old muscle cars this one...

Mostly engine shots, sorry guys, but all the hoods were up so I kinda had to...

Transformer's police Mustang. Slogan on the side reads "to punish and enslave," and that's what gave it away to me as fake, yes I missed the Transformer's logos.


Bumblebee was there too somewhere, but...

Oh yeah! This was my favorite car there. It was being crowded by some 11-year-olds with their iPod Touches, otherwise I might have gotten some better pictures (all on my potato phone, you've probably noticed).


Not sure if it was a kit or not; didn't check, but mmmmhhhhhh.


Civilized Nissan GT-R.


I'm okay with it.


Tasty STi.

Walking back to my truck when all of a sudden... What's that?


Oh my goodness!

Ogled over this car a bit too excessively.



even more drool!

Sometimes the best cars are parked outside of the car shows.


Then Portillo's!

And I finally found a WRX at a dealership, which I think is the only one currently around the Chicagoland area, but they were closed!


I did go test drive a 2.0L turbo Hyundai Genesis R-Spec and a 3.8 R-Spec somewhere else. Loved the 3.8 the best, but it was my first time driving a turbocharged car and I though it was hilarious (in a good way).

Hopefully I will be testing this WRX tomorrow after Supercar Saturdays (who else is going?).