Took this picture on my last day in Salt Lake City before heading home to Los Angeles. Seeing as I bought the car with 136k on it in late 2017, I have definitely driven the car quite a bit. Made it home and the car is now sitting around 161k and faced zero issues over the 4000 miles driven on the trip. I’ve added two quarts of oil throughout the trip in total and my shocks have definitely gotten worse but nothing unexpected has broken. Oil change, tire rotation, and changing out those shocks are on my short list to do ASAP.


Quite the practical ski trip machine and was enjoyable to cruise around the mountain roads everywhere that I went. No amount of snow was an issue and even panic stopping on sheer ice proved effective/safe, albeit with a bit of butt clenching ABS action. The car has never been dirtier in its life, but at least I think I’ve gotten most of the salt off with some quick washing at the local coin op.

Only unfortunate thing to happen to the car was a rock cracking my windshield on the way to Montana. I’ll try a DIY solution to see if it will stop the spread since it’s not in my view anyways. But it’s “too big to be repaired” according to Safelite and my insurance only covers repairs. So no point in paying for a replacement before trying a cheap Walmart kit or just ignoring it.

Yeah this windshield is pretty much a gonner but I’ve seen people driving around with worse... Stupid rocks!


Anyways, glad to have made it home safely with minimal problems. Never once had to take out any tools or attempt to fix anything. The car started every day, even when the weather was -17F! It was certainly angry that the oil was made out of molasses on the colder days but aside from extra noise, nothing was amiss. I can’t imagine subjecting the car to that kind of weather all the time would be very good though so I’m happy that a “cold” day at home is something just under 50.

Ugh, never again with this weather!

Full trip report to follow soon! Time for sleeping and being lazy for a while. I need a vacation from the vacation. 

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