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Today's E46 adventure.

Well, my dad took my car today, so I could take the old M3 to get the oil changed and radiator flushed, because it hasn't been enjoying this texas summer so far. As I pull into the shop, I feel a wobble, and start hearing the unmistakable sound of a tire flopping. As it turns out, the rubbing of the incorrectly sized and cambered terrible wheels, took massive patches out of the rear tires, and the left one gave out. Best location to lose a tire, but the bill just went up. My dad and I talked it over on the phone, and we went ahead and ordered new wheels finally. BBS CH's wrapped with Hankook all seasons. Should be here soon, and they will actually fit the car perfectly. But I am the only loser here, because since he needs to commute to work, I am stuck without a car for a few days.


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