My thoughts, taken from the discussion, here.

Wasn't sure if sharing would be appropriate, as someone else from that discussion shared their comment before me.


  • The random off-topic stuff is what makes Oppositelock what it is. This place was called "Off Topic" back in the day. That stuff has always been a part of Oppo's DNA, and it always will be.
  • This place is busy, but it's not overcrowded, in my opinion. You can simply scroll back to find stuff, and the most popular posts show up in the sidebar and BoO/Oppositeblog.
  • Oppositelock should not be a place to garner individual intention. It's a place to share cool — usually automotive/other-mechanical — stuff with like minded people, and to engage in the community. Frankly, I think some people here should kindly get over themselves.
  • Numerous sub blogs will only cheapen the experience, in my opinion. Why? See above. In essence, it unravels out tight-knit community; our tight-knitness is our best feature.


By the way, the lead image is a watercolor by Kapitänleutenant Hellmut Rathke, captain of the German submarine U-352.

The U-352 was sunk off the coast of North Carolina in 1942; a number of the crew survived, and Rathke painted that while in prison.

It still lies off the coast to this day, and it's a popular scuba site.