The owner of this 70's Piper Cherokee is an out of work airline pilot who's abandoning aviation to follow in his stepson's footstep by smoking pot and watering flowers at Home Depot.

At 47 years of age I have decided to abandon my dreams of flying and do what my step son is doing. I am going to get the fuck out of aviation and work along side him at Home Depot watering flowers, invest heavily into marijuana and smoke my brains out while drinking wild turkey every night. I'm very serious about this! I should have done this years ago! I got to give him credit, he does keep his room spotless!


Be sure to bid it up if you want a great deal on a solid airplane and want to help out a family get high.

Update: The listing has been edited to remove all references to marihuana. If anyone has any screen shots of the original ad, please share.

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