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Basically: the sales guy told my friend his MDX came in. Before he could arrange a day to sign the contract and pick the car up, the dealer says that Acura sent a truck and took the MDX back.

Thank you to everyone who posted with good information. I learned a lot. I just heard from my friend:

"Spoke with the salesman at Acura of Brookfield. He swears on a stack of Bibles that he did not sell the car out from under me. He said that the dealership received the ownership invoice from Acura and the next day a "negative invoice" was received rescinding ownership of the MDX and the car was to be immediately returned to Acura for inspection. This was ordered by the regional manager without any more detailed explanation. Salesman was not sure if the vehicle was going to an inspection center in Chicago or back to the Alabama factory for the inspection. They are trying to get an explanation of what is going on from the district manager."

And then an hour later:

"Just got off the phone with my salesman. Mdx was trucked to Chicago for inspection by factory representative. Somehow or another the concern was raised by factory quality control that the injection molded sound deadening material at the front of the dashboard might not have been installed or installed improperly. Apparently the car passed reinspection in Chicago with no changes needed and is being shipped back for delivery to me!! Bizarre!! Why couldn't the dealer have done the inspection? Car salesman "I have no clue""


Oppo, is this more salesman bullshit? Or do you think he's actually telling the truth?

Do "negative invoices" exist that can rescind ownership of the MDX away from the dealer back to Acura? (I kinda like the idea of a negative invoice that can return the stuff you sold some schmoe back to you - it's like The Force!)

Would you buy the car from this salesman after all that?