What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

I have come up against a film I cannot remove, and I'm looking for suggestions. Have an RA42 Celica I spotted while hunting down arcade games for your troubles.

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Ok, here's my problem.

The inside of the windshield in my Odyssey has not been truly clean in a long time. With a weekend road trip coming, I am trying to finally get the annoying swirls gone, as I'll be doing some night driving.



It is a very thin film, but everything I do just pushes it around. I can draw all kinds of lovely patterns in it, but I cannot get it off.


So far I have tried

  • windex
  • hot soapy water
  • goo-gone
  • carb cleaner(!)

I have used lint free cloth, paper towels, cotton shop towels and a micro fibre cloth. All with no results.


I have managed to pull up tiny bits with a razor blade. Unfortunately, the windshield is curved in both dimensions, so I can't make any real progress that way.

The razor blade did allow my to get a 'roll' of it up to see it's black and sticky, whatever it is.


So, ideas? Blind me with your James May-like cleaning prowess.

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