So I've had authorship here for... awhile now (well over a year). I scrolled through, but never really got involved. A few weeks ago there was a post by Kat about women and car culture, which lead to a post here on Oppo about NSFW posts. I am the woman who said she stayed away from Oppo due to the amount of NSFW posts. Since then I have been checking it out, and I haven't even seen one post.

So that being said, I figured I would introduce myself and start getting more active. I'm in my late 20s, and live in Milwaukee. I was in Chicago for 5 years before moving here. I drive a 2006 Cobalt SS Supercharged for my fun car, and have a 2012 Sonic LTZ for a daily.

The Cobalt is... Not stock. Haha. It gets the job done, and I can catch all sortsa stuff at Road America I probably have no business running down. Yeah, I track a Cobalt.

It has a 2.7" pulley, 80lb injectors and runs on E85. Also a bunch of cooling mods to handle the 2.7, and also all the basic bolt-ons like an intake and catback. The suspension has been upgraded, and also the front brakes are swapped to the later year Cobalt's Brembos. It also has a trailer hitch, which I use to pull a small trailer with my race slicks. I could post a more detailed mod list, but meh. If you have any specific questions, ask away.


So yeah. That's me and the fun car. Thanks for reading!