So this pretty cool spider bro has made a like a 3 foot wide, perfectly round and spider-webby looking web right across the exterior of one of my bedroom windows.

(Note to Australians: this is actually not a baby pygmy spider, this is how big they are here.)

Anyways, I was thinking about going out there and giving it the old broomstick, but then I thought...


Too long have our warring species been separated by conflict. This endless cycle of death and destruction will never end until a brave man stands up and embraces our eight-legged brethren.


So instead, before going to bed, I taped a nightlight to the glass directly behind the web. I turned it on, closed my curtain, and went to bed.

This morning, the web was filled, totally filled, with like 100 silk-wrapped bugs ready for spider consumption! This is my peace offering to you, 458! (I named him 458.) Feast today, 458, on this bountiful harvest, and be merry.

In the future, I suppose I will be remembered as the brave soul who bridged the divide between our noble species.