I took the beast out to go for a parts run. Here I am cruising down the freeway minding my own business when POOF! The left rear tire essentially exploded.

It gets worst. So I grab the tire wrench and go to put it on the lug and guess what? It doesn't fit. But I was one lucky SOB, Since I was going to the Pick-N-Pull Scrapyard I had my tool kit with me. without it I would of been screwed. (note to self: go buy the proper tire wrench)

But wait it gets even worst. So in the trunk I find this old rusty bottle jack, I go to slip it under the car and guess what? it's too tall and it doesn't fit. But luckily I was with my sidekick so what do I do? I lean back against the car grab the car by the back fender and lift like no man has lifted before. I was able to lift it just enough for my wife to be able to slide the jack under.

I damn near had a stroke while lifting the car so my wife kindly started jacking up the car while I caught my breath.


I knew I married her for a reason!


Here is where it gets AWESOME. So here I am sitting in the car with a busted tire while I'm thinking to myself "now what do I do?" do I try to get just one matching tire from a tire shop even tho most tire shops will only sell in multiples of 2? so while I'm sitting in the car with the donut on the car I whip out my phone and jump on the local classifieds just to see if there was anything that I could make work.

What do I find 3 results down? a set of 4 MINT 14" MX5 Miata wheels with center caps & tires for $100.00 bucks! I call up the guy right away and to my surprise he still had them. It gets even better the guy only lives 5 mins from my apartment. So on my way back from the city I stop by his house and he had what looked like a Nascar pit stop. He had a 3 ton jack ready to go and an Impact on standby. So I put one wheel on just to make sure it fits and it doesn't rub. then I thought to myself we have everything out already why don't I put them all on? I ask the guy "do you mind if I put on all four while we are at it?" and he had no objections so about 20 mins later I was rolling on my new RIMZ YO!


It looks pretty awesome. The tires are pretty bald but for $100.00 I would of been a complete fool not to buy them.

Even the wife thought it was a steal so I felt like a total king! it's not always easy to get the go ahead to buy car parts. (This is where I learnt that sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission)


Car Purchase $1.00

Valve Cover Gasket $28.99

Thermostat $7.99

Thermostat Gasket $1.49

Overpriced Coolant $10.99

Radiator Fan Switch $37.99

Coolant Temp Sensor $26.99

New o'rings for the injectors $2.58

Toggle switch and related hardware $9.00

Throttle Body Cleaner $7.99

14" MX5 Miata Wheels $100.00

Total invested so far : $235.01