His advice kind of wore off on me. Granted not automotive related yet, but I finally got somewhere with my apartment complex. Long story short, they made an addendum to my lease about 3 times. Moved me from unit to unit to where I'm at now. I've paid in full very early every month. About a month ago I got a call:

"Sir you're about to be late on a payment, if you pay by 6pm you will not be billed a late fee"

What do I owe?

"Hold on let me call you back" 10 min later: "Never mind this was a mistake on our part"

Week later I get pretty much the same exact call except now I have late fees...Ask them what my balance is. Same response: looks like it's our mistake nevermind.


Week later I come home to a notice on my door saying they will take legal action against me if I don't pay. I go in to talk to the manager, she tears it up saying it was a mistake.

Several days later I get a letter in the mail threatening of eviction. I call, "disregard that".

Finally I got one more call saying something about reporting me to the credit bureaus. I went in there furious. They told me the problem in their books, billing me for a month of utilities when I didn't live there. I demanded a signed letter stating I don't owe anything. After constant bitching from them they agreed.


Sunday my gym access got denied because of delinquency. Went into the office it will be fixed Monday morning. Called Monday, they assured me it was fixed and that the letter is on the way.

I went to the gym to find out I'm still denied.

Called a lawyer. He called them alerting them my rent will be put in escrow if they don't fix my issues within a reasonable amount of time.


Holy crap! I've never had so much accomplished after one call. People were here fixing my maintenance requests I made weeks ago. Gym works. My balance is fixed. Manager called apologizing.

If you're reading this, thanks for all the good articles on here Steve.