How difficult is it to be a car enthusiast in college ?

Okay so I've been around oppo enough now to realize there are quite a few of us that are either in college or about to be in college. I myself am a senior in college and recently transferred from community college to a 4 year college to finish my computer science degree. I've come to realize that its becoming increasingly difficult to be a car guy in college now because there just aren't very many other car guys at my new school (Hood College). (by the way I spotted this GTR on campus a few weeks ago)

Before when I was going to the local community college the car scene was so diverse it was unreal. There were so many car guys there from every different car denomination from old muscle cars, slammed imports, mini trucks, to old british roadsters. It was great I was in my element because I still had the Roush Mustang and we all came together as car enthusiasts. Now that Im at hood though it has gotten a lot weaker. There are still car people around just not to the same extent and I think thats because most of these kids live on campus and just have way too much going on to get into the hobby. Don't get me wrong there are a few car enthusiasts around but for the most part im pretty alone in this. At community college it was so easy because alot of the kids there worked alot and didn't have to have the worlds most reliable car because they lived at home still. Anyways I'm still trying to keep the car enthusiast spirit alive so I'm doing a fun comparison... My Jetta TDI versus my girlfriends 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis.


Okay so here goes the mini comparison, Lets start with the TDI.

I bought this car new almost a year ago after I totaled the mustang and it has the lovely 6 speed manual matted to the fun little 2.0 common rail diesel that makes no horse power and a lot of torque. This little car has served me well since I commute about 40 minutes one way to college now and I put 20,000 miles on it already. This car is actually surprisingly fun because the suspension is tight enough to hold its own and be fun in the bends and its small and light enough to be throwable and yet its still soft and solid enough to be very comfortable. Now its no sports car because its easy to reach the little guys limit but it in its own right is fun and from my own experience it handles a hell of a lot better than the MKIV Volkswagens. Now when it comes to power like I said earlier it doesn't have much horsepower especially when its not making boost but under boost the car is a lot of fun just because that is a crazy about of torque to have out of a non-performance car. Another fun this is when I'm on the highway in 6th doing like 70-75 mph it runs at about 1800rpm and in most cars that 1800rpm would require a downshift to get moving a little quicker but in this the second I put my food into it the turbo starts to spool and it'll pull .. IN 6TH ! The mustang couldn't even pull in last gear ! Getting to the rest of the car I think it looks pretty good for just a small sedan it looks like a previous generation Audi a4 almost. And the interior isn't anything special but it is a very good place to be because its got leatherette and heated seats along with all the usual amenities. All in all its a good little car than I still enjoy driving every single day. That is a very difficult thing to do now a days because so many cars have gotten so beige.

Next up is my girlfriends Grand Marquis ..


Okay so my girlfriend of almost 2 years now drives this gem , a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis LS. This is still her first car that she got back in high school and this thing still has only 57,000 miles on it ! Thats nothing for an 11 year old car. She got it from some old people with about 30,000 on it and it was literally their "going out" car. Thats it, thats all the light this car ever saw. And since her and I have started dating I've put more miles on it than she has. Anyways this car is like a lost art form. It is just a big, soft, bench seat, column shift, V8 powered BOAT. Yes there are other read drive V8 sedans but this is the last one I would call a boat. It is so soft over every bump and highways are so wafty that it will almost make you sea sick. This car was built to be effortless to drive because lets be real, the target market was old people but it really is an excellent car. Does this car need a V8 to move it ? In short, no it doesn't but it does need one to complete the effect of luxury. Its not even that powerful of a V8 making something like 240 hp but the key here is the torque of the v8 at low revs. This car was meant to just waft you up to speed without ever the slightest bit of struggle or effort. When I say it should never struggle I mean the car isn't built to be wound out the the red line, you know why ? Because it doesn't even have a tach. Only a speedo. Handling in this car really means does it turn. I say this because its just not built do take a corner even remotely quick and to be honest when your driving you don't wanna try its just too damn comfortable. As far as the rest of this car it has enough room to play a 5 on 5 game of vollyball on the inside and the trunk will hold a years worth of luggage. The seats are super soft bench seats so this yacht will seat 6 comfortably or 10 of you squeeze. And like I sad the best part about it is the fact that hers is absolutely mint. Coming down to it, each car serves its purpose. The TDI is an enjoyable commuter car and the Grand Maquis is a comfortable road warrior. I love having the privilege to drive either one whenever I want but mine is slightly more practical.

Anyway Thanks for reading and lemme know what you guys this especially you college oppos or if you wanna talk about either one of these cars!

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