What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
Illustration for article titled A Goal Achieved...with Inspiration from Horacio Pagani

In November of last year I put up this post:


I was out in Italy for a few months working on the Google Earth Engine (https://earthengine.google.org/#intro) at the University of Pavia, with university funding and funding from the Google Foundation.

The end goal was to create an algorithm that can detect urban areas from a repository of NASA satellite image data dating back to 1972. We wanted to have a unique academic paper on the capabilities of Earth Engine to leverage Google's cloud computing services to improve global population and settlement mapping, and honestly at some points I thought I wouldn't be able to finish the paper or get it published but it finally happened!!


Being a Jalop, while I was writing this paper in the Spring, I found it tough to stay motivated sometimes, but I kept thinking back to my trip to Pagani back on Nov. 29th of last year...shaking hands with Horacio Pagani and remembering that letter of recommendation up on the wall from Juan Manuel Fangio just kept me thinking that I need to keep pushing forward to I can one day land that dream job at NASA as an Earth Scientist that drives a 06 Evo IX MR.

I am part of a team that is interested in providing freely downloadable population maps for global consumption based on satellite imagery and other ancillary datasets, so using Earth Engine was a tool that only made sense for us:



We heard that we are part of the first 10 academic papers on Earth Engine, so its an absolute honor to be the main author on this article, and to be able to design the research, please click here to see the journal and feel free to download it:


Just wanted to share something I was inspired by and the trip that pushed me through, so I hope you enjoy it if you haven't see my pics from Italy yet!




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