Guess I'm not going to Lemons this weekend. More details to come later

I was doing final prep before driving to Houston. I had just swapped the brakes and tires. I went on track and bedded in the brakes. After a few laps of that I decided to do a couple hot laps. The new tires felt fantastic, way better than the old ones. I came into a heavy braking zone and my front left brake locked immediately. This spun me and a hit the grass backwards and sideways. My wheels dug in and flipped me twice. When I stopped I undid my harness right away and hit the kill switch. I'm glad I was wearing my Helmet and HANS device. The car still sits as it is in the photo, we didn't have the people to flip it back over and it was getting dark. It looks like part of the cage and the roof collapsed, I'll know more tomorrow when we flip it back over.

As for me I'm totally fine, I think I'll have a few bruises tomorrow but all the safety gear worked as advertised.

Oh yeah, and I totally jinxed myself by spray painting Orlove'd on the car.