Give yourself a pat on the back, hug your kids, smoke that cigar. Go ahead, you deserve it because you're awesome. You're part of a brave new America, an America that wants wagons, not SUV's. Just so long as the wagon kind of reminds you of an SUV.

*image via Autoblog*

VAG (Volkswagen Auto Group) of America CEO Michael Horn confirmed to Automotive News that the jacked up Golf Sportwagen variant known as the Golf Alltrak will come to the US in 2016. Autoblog has all the pertinent information you might want and some pictures as well.

This is big news but I think the real story here is the Jalopnik/Oppositelock community. You guys, we have the power to make our dreams come true. We've bitched and moaned for years about the lack of an AWD/manual wagon (since Subaru killed the Legacy) and VW is finally bringing over the Golf SportWagen starting this January.

But that wasn't enough for us, no we wanted more because of course we do. We're Americans, we want options, we want more ground clearance, we want plastic boddy cladding and we want to pay a premium for those things damnit! So we bitched and moaned some more and behold, success!


Of course we don't yet know if we'll get a 3rd pedal option or if it'll be available with a diesel power plant but at least we can rest assured that it will come in brown and that's something to be happy about.

Now, about that Golf R SportWagen...