It's been two weeks since I took delivery of my E92 328i. I had some trouble bringing myself to BMW ownership - mostly the cliche that entails ownership - but I must say that outside of every woman that sees it saying it is a straight-up sexy ride, and my neighbours that think I am now dabbling in meth sales, it is an incredible piece of machinery.

The thing that gets me is that aside from that stereotype about BMW's, it really isn't a rude car in any way. It certainly isn't the fastest. Isn't the most luxurious. Likely won't be the most reliable. But it does absolutely all of those things, and with a grace that just isn't found in other cars.


I've driven a lot of everything. I grew up with E28, E30, E36 and E46's in the family, and they have all been fantastic cars. The E92 is no question a true evolution of the latter three.

There is something special about a rear-wheel-drive, normally aspirated in-line 6, BMW coupe with the toys to make it interesting that just can't be compared. Performance numbers be damned, this is one of the few modern-era gems available.... I am in love..