So about a month ago I posted that I had bought an automatic '94 325i. Well finals ended like 2 weeks ago for me which means my swap began.

Full build post is coming soon, but I need time to gather all the details and sort out my annoyances in a non- ranty way. (My friend lovingly refers to them as BMtroubleU)

Anyways here's the shortlist of what has been swapped into the car

1. M50 w/ ~140k, new mounts, throttle body, starter

2. Manual trans w/ ~110 & driveshaft (auto shaft is much shorter)

3. Brand new clutch

4. New shifter, boot, knob.

5. Ripped out that annoying ass viper system (even though remote start would have been nice)


6. Swapped in wire harness from engine with blown HG cause the newer one had some questionable wiring or shit that was downright not supposed to be there


8. ///M front bumper

9. 3.23 LSD (originally open diff)

10. Remus square tip exhaust

11. All the fluids and oil have been changed too

So yeah, all pretty exciting. There's still a few small wiring and reassembly to do but here's a shitty video from my brothers potato


Potato cam e36 325i startup

(I have no clue how to make videos show up)