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1999 Range Rover Project Impossible - Updated

What is it about those large cube shaped British made SUVs from across the pond we Americans love so much? From farm roads to silicon valley to wall street these luxury British transportation boxes chuck full of electronics and air suspension are hard to miss as they've become the go vehicle for mid level managers, drug dealers, your dentist and the CFO's mistresses.

Intrigued by the proposition of a luxury SUV project for the winter I decided to pick up this sweet 1999 Range Rover SE 4.0 from auction for under $1K. (shown above)


And I've accepted my mission.

My mission is to turn this into one the best Range Rovers in this class to roam the streets of Portland OR.

It has 91k miles and was recently serviced before the fender bender. Ill make a quick list of pros and cons for the car that I've found


Keyless entry doesn't work

Passenger side climate zone blows warm air (Honestly I haven't had a real moment to take a look, so it could be a simple fix


The drivers side headlight is busted and the bumper is also cracked. ( I already found new updated headlights and tails lights for a more modern feel. As for the bumper I've decided to upgrade to the factory brush guard with winch.)

There are a few nicks here and there so I may touch up the paint or completely redo the paint in the same color


The carpet is a bit dirty but nothing a good detail cant fix



Engine runs strong, no burning oils, all fluids look great, no leaks whatsoever, heater and AC work, moonroof is excellent. Air Suspension was recently replaced, its extremely efficient as it quickly raises and lowers the car. 4x4 works great in the limited testing I put it through. It rides so comfortably and the leather is so clean, it looks like no one ever sat in the back seat.


So over the next few days/couple of weeks I will transform this car into a beast worthy of its name. Leave me a comment or just tweet me @khalidbalid I'll take your mean tweets, questions, suggestions -~- LaTeS

Update - In the past 20 hours I was able to source the headlight, assembly and surrounding support parts including headlight wipers and they've been installed. I'm hoping to install the brush guard bumper over the weekend if I can find the time- thats when the next update will be. On to the next mission - Factory brush guard with built in winch. Thanks for the support and helpful comments !


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