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A Quick Word About Emissions

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Not the stinky hot tailpipe emissions, no not those. The ones you can't see. The ones that surround so many new vehicles, and make my radar detector go insane.


At first is was the odd Infiniti or Audi with all the tech bits including lane departure warning systems. But now almost every new car I see on the road is surrounded by a forcefield of electronic emissions. I captured the perfect example with a new Escalade just the other day.

For those who have never had the pleasure of interpreting the archaic looking readout and BLEEP BLEEP BLAAAAPs of a Valentine1 radar detector, the above photo is showing five different sources of K band emissions, and the arrows to the sides mean that it is all around me/that new 'Slade.

Illustration for article titled A Quick Word About Emissions

I spotted another example again later in the day, this time with six different sources. My V1 was picking them up a solid quarter mile away too, pretty impressive. That's a lot of electronic emissions for one vehicle.

I wonder if all 5-6 sources are for lane departure style warning systems, or adaptive cruise control as well. What other systems would use the radars? What other cars are notoriously shrouded with invisible electronic emissions?

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