I dream constantly about what car, sports car, sub-supercar, supercar, or hypercar, I would buy once I finally get the right job, have little expenses, the starts align, and I can finally afford to live the dream. I'll arrange some categories and feel free to answer as you wish.

Here's mine:

Category 1: Sportscar (Under $50,000)


I really do love my Genesis, and its a great sportscar, but If I had a little extra dough I think I would spring for a new Stingray, but others have crossed my mind including a used Evora, used CLK Black, maybe a Cayman, and it would be difficult to say until I actually have the money.

Category 2: Sub-Supercar ($50,000 - $100,000)

I'm really feeling Aston Martin here, or possibly used Gallardo or R8.

Category 3: Supercar ($100,000 - $...)


Of course, the praise the 458 Speciale has gotten has really turned me toward the dark side of wanting to own a Ferrari, but what would most likely happen here is a used 12C or 650S.

Category 4: Hypercar ($... +)


McLaren P1.

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