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Oppo, I am disappoint

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It's time we had a chat. New Oppo is not working out. At least not for most of the senior members still here. This part of the site was always meant to be an off-topic and open exchange. Now, the second that your post doesn't match the new motto of "Jalopnik: the Amateur Hour" someone is on here bitching about your off topic post. And heaven forbid you do 2 in a day, or 4 in a week. Holy shit.


I work in a dealership, so I'll use this analogy: Jalopnik is sales and the service front office. Oppo was always the shop. It's not safe for public consumption here because the fuckin yahoos aren't supposed to be back here. They might hurt themselves and sue us. But instead, the mods and the new world order have decided we need to be something else. The techs now have to work in front of their customers inside a glass box with Nerf tools. Basically, not able to do what they need to.

Well, that's a fine kettle of fish. I hope that this new PG/sanitized experience makes the rest of you warm and fuzzy all over. It just leaves a huge hole in my browsing habits and a gap in my online support. It used to be a community here, and I for one think we're worse off for these changes.

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