Here's some background: 6.1L block stroked to 426 cubic inches, exhaling through inch-and-three-quarters long tube headers. A high-flow cat and some Magnaflows round out the rest of the 3" exhaust.

It made a great sound, but it never had that rumble you felt in your chest. The noise, in my opinion, never really seemed to reflect the power within.

Until now:


Those are low-profile, electric cut outs. There's a small switch hidden under the dash that opens them up. It now makes the right sound:

We also fixed a leak in the gasket at the head and a starter issue. Along with a new battery in November, and regular oil changes, these are the only maintenance items I have encountered so far.

Next up: I've gotta do wheels, tires, transmission and maybe a supercharger this summer.

1,000 HP would be cool...

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