So, it doesn't like to start. I have suspicion, and pretty much confirmation, that it's the fuel pump starving the engine out too much for a spark to ignite. That'll be an easy fix, I have the guide and tools for that, just need to order the part. Now, the tricky things are happening elsewhere. The AC needs to be charged in a very serious way, and I have to decide wether to pay Porsche or someone to convert it over to R134, or if I find someone with the less polar bear friendly R12. After that, I discovered that at Highway speeds, my removable roof panel likes to come up at one corner, so I need to poke around and see if that needs a screw, or pin or something. It's definitely a great cruiser, but it will be even better once I get the issues sorted. I just have to keep reminding myself that it's a 30 year old car I'm trying to daily.