The most overpriced new car

Sticker shock, we all hate it. But what car delivers the biggest jolt? It is not an exotic or supercar, since we all expect those to be priced in the stratosphere. No surprise there. The biggest sticker shock comes from a car where you don’t expect it. The one where the sales staff keeps a defibrillator nearby. The one that they might keep one unit in inventory, and ask do you really want to look at that car?

I think the award should to to the lowly Toyota Land Cruiser. A vanilla looking mid-sized SUV from a brand known for value. A standard model (the only model), with 5.7 V8 and horrendous MPG and a few options is *cough* $82,739. Now, if this were the Lexus version, then at least there would be an excuse. But a plain Toyota? Toyota’s own Sequoia SUV, which is better in many ways than the Land Cruiser, starts at $44,400 or nearly half the Land Cruiser.


Does that look like $80k?

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